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Zimmer Biomet.

Zimmer Biomet is a global leader in Musco-skeletal healthcare, designing and manufacturing orthopaedic products and instruments for surgeons and other medical professionals. The firm wanted to reward the success of its sales team by commissioning lapel pins to denote varying levels of sales targets achieved.

Our solution

We worked with the Zimmer team to develop a range of lapel pins in four different metals and two distinctive designs. Our first port of call was to research the company’s product range and their visual branding. Following this research phase, we developed a range of a dozen concepts for the lapel pins. These were then presented as CAD files for the client’s consideration.

The selected design incorporated the company’s iconic ‘Z’ logo tweaked to include the visual element of bone structures and joints. This was rendered in a bronze, silver and gold design, along with one exclusive platinum version incorporating a brilliant blue round diamond.

The final designs were then prototyped, signed off, and manufactured before being finished by hand to an extremely high standard.


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