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The Madame Blanc Mysteries

Channel 5 approached us to create two authentically beautiful pieces of costume jewellery for their up and coming TV Drama 'The Madame Blanc Mysteries'. This stunning Oval Cut Gold Ruby ring with a diamond halo is the first of these jewellery pieces.

Designed on CAD, the Ruby ring was a mammoth diamond setting job. The images below show the ring in a vice before the diamonds were set and afterwards.

From here, the ring's claws were shortened and refined before the finishing touches were applied to create a lovely piece of jewellery, as shown in the video below.

The Second piece of jewellery requested was a stunning Deep blue sapphire brooch with a diamond halo. Again, this was created in our CAD software before the final design was approved and construction could begin.

The brooch was held in place on the vice with clay to set the diamonds and gorgeous blue sapphire in place.

The final reveal of this sapphire brooch shows off its quality construction and vibrant diamonds and centre stone.


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