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Working with Perfino

Natural scent jewellery that is beautiful, functional, and kind.

We were approached in early 2019 with an ambitious project of creating a unique piece of jewellery that could house a naturally scented lava stone. The brand's ethos was to be kind to the body and planet, so using suitable materials was essential. After a lengthy discussion, we finally decided to use recycled silver as the material for the jewellery. The design stage then started. We had to make a product that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

At Adamas Studio, we use a mixture of Rapid Prototyping and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create a 3D visualisation of products. This ensures that customers get a visual idea of what the final product will look like. After the client was happy with how it looked, we began creating a master of product handmade in our workshop. Upon seeing the final product, the client was thrilled, so we looked at possible manufacturers who could produce the product on a larger scale.

We have a good relationship with manufacturers in the UK and overseas, but we chose to go with an ethical overseas manufacturer as a means to upscale production. We managed to set the MOQ low at the supply chain, resulting in the product being manufactured as and when it is needed.

At Adamas Studio we enjoy overseeing the whole operation from start to finish. We loved working on this product and cannot wait to work on any future projects with this company!

For a full breakdown of this particular piece of work visit the link here.

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