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Behind the scenes with Blush & Bashful

Meet the designer behind this game-changing range of modern interchangeable signet rings.

Blush & Bashful is an innovative jewellery brand founded by husband and wife team Colin and Karina Fargas. They came to us with a big idea — to bring a range of distinctive, interchangeable signet jewellery to the marketplace.

This was a lovely project for us to be involved with, and we’ve loved working with the pair to bring their initial concept to life.

You can read more about our work with Blush & Bashful here.


We caught up with Karina to find out how her vision for Blush & Bashful came about.

Where did the initial idea come from for the main Blush & Bashful concept of interchangeable signet rings?

The idea for the interchangeable signets came about many years ago when I noticed a ring a friend was wearing. It featured a swivelling signet, and I thought it would be nice to be able to change the signet to match your mood or outfit.

Where do you believe your passion for jewellery came from?

I fell in love with jewellery at a very young age, spending hours exploring my mother’s jewellery boxes. It felt like I had discovered a treasure trove. I aim to give that same feeling to those who wear Blush & Bashful designs.

Your idea was ten years in the making — tell us a little about that journey and what led you to finally bringing it to life.

It did take a long time for me to make the transition from idea to reality. A life-changing kidney transplant in 2014, and the birth of my daughter changed my outlook and I decided life was too short not to take risks. My husband and business partner also gave me a lot of support and the confidence to take the plunge.

Where did the brand name come from?

I’ve always liked how the words ‘Blush & Bashful’ flow, it is a line in the 80’s film Steel Magnolias. The film features a mother who donates a kidney to her daughter, which is something I went through when my mother donated to me in 2014.

Your product has become a huge success — tell us about your customers and the feedback you are getting in the industry.

Our customers are people who use jewellery to express a part of their personality and wear a piece like a talisman, to provide comfort and strength. The public and industry feedback has been fantastic. We were selected to exhibit at IJL KickStart 2018, and the Goldsmiths annual Shine exhibition. This support has given us a lot of confidence to move forward with the brand.

What is your vision for the brand in the future? How do you see it developing?

We’re launching a bracelet and necklace set for the signets. I would also love to develop more signet designs and offer bespoke designs.


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