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Wearable tech

Cardiff University and Pebble watch sought a partner to collaborate within the production of a limited edition collectable wearable tech watch. Aimed at Doctor Who fans, the brief was to design a watch that would seamlessly house the Pebble Watch but also incorporate a bracelet design and incorporate augmented reality technology. The brief also required the bangle design to be embossed, hinting at the possibilities within.

Our job was to understand the augmented technology goal and create a sympathetic design that stirred the imagination from a style and physical point of view.

Our solution

We researched many styles to spark creative ideas and eventually settled on a strong Steampunk look. The original was mastered in sterling silver from our wax prototype, and further models were experimented with to take it to the next level of material evolution using EPS and poly props.

Cardiff University worked on the programming and the project detail to bring the augmented reality element to life. The success of the "Don’t Blink" watch led to further work with wearable tech companies.

Because our services are used by many industries and our briefs vary so widely, we gain technical and technological insight through every project.

No matter how big or small the project, we are always learning and find that this continuous development and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible benefits our more traditional clients.


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