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The Perfino Case

Natural scent jewellery that is beautiful, functional, and kind.

In early 2019, the CEO of Perfino, Kim Brookes, approached us with an exciting but ambitious idea of combining nonsynthetic natural scents with a uniquely functional piece of jewellery. Traditional fragrances use a concoction of synthetic chemicals that can affect our health and enter our bloodstream. It was, therefore, necessary that the jewellery we produced could be worn all day without any chemicals touching the skin, but also followed the brand's identity of being sustainable, clean and safe for use, and does right by the planet.


Kim had already done the arduous work of expertly creating pure natural essential oils. Therefore, the pressure was on us to accept the challenge and create a unique piece of jewellery that could house the essential oils and follow the brand's overall ethos. The materials we decided upon was a lava stone encased inside a 100% recycled silver pendant. The idea was that the essential oils would be placed on the lava stone to perpetuate the smell. Using the suitable materials was vital as we needed to make the product affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

We started conceptualising and prototyping designs. Then, working alongside Kim, the design was tweaked and adjusted at every stage until the final product was right. At Adamas Studio, we use a mixture of Rapid Prototyping and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to ensure that customers know what their product will look like before the final piece is made.


A master of the product was handmade at our workshop. The pendant had P engraved onto it, signifying Perfino, and a droplet engraved design highlighting the whole concept and idea of a pendant that houses natural oil scented lava stones. Once Kim had seen the final product and was happy with it, it was time to start the manufacturing process.


From a practicality standpoint, we went with a manufacturer from overseas that could fulfil the Perfino identity of being ethically sourced and sustainable. This brought the production price of the jewellery down, making it more accessible to the average customer. Having an overseas manufacturer also meant that we could upscale production. The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) was set low at the supply chain. As a result of this, the product is ordered and manufactured as and when it is needed. The product is then quality controlled and delivered right to the customer.

We at Adamas Studio oversaw the whole process from concept to completion. For us, every project has its own set of unique requirements and challenges. We specialise not only in the design and manufacturing side but helping customers through every stage of production. Therefore, making sure you are on top of project management is essential. Perfino is a perfect example of keeping on top of the project from start to finish. We wish them continued success and cannot wait to be involved in any future project developments.


Kim Brooke: "Neil is at the heart of what we have produced at Perfino as the designer of our natural scent pendant. We so enjoyed working with Neil, who has the gift of incredible design flair and creativity, combined with commercial experience, which helped us to launch our pioneering product. Neil remains sensitive to our business needs and has always been a great pleasure to work with. "


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