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Saker Arts

Saker Arts produces exceptional works of art fusing innovative technology, craftsmanship and precious stones. All of the brand’s objets d’art embody both Arabic culture and the tradition of falconry flying in the middle east.

In one of the largest scale projects Adamas has been commissioned to deliver, we were briefed with designing, mastering modelling and manufacturing an objet d'art falcon head and bust, along with a miniaturised limited-edition collection of cufflinks, pendant and bangles.

The brief was clear and came with highly detailed drawings. With the products aimed at the middle eastern luxury market, the client required the utmost excellence and attention to detail at every step of our process.

Our solution

With a specification at the very highest end of jewellery and silversmithing manufacture, Neil Rayment’s award-winning expertise was crucial to the delivery of this brief.

When working to this scale there are limits to what can be achieved using traditional methods. For example, the falcon head is a flowing, organic form so we used real image scanning in the design process to accurately portray these natural streamlined shapes.

Every skill our team has honed over twenty years was called upon to create this specialist collection - from the traditional precision fitting of the silversmith to the mounting of a 44-carat fine diamond, and from high-res digital scanning to hand engraving. We also used large hollow bronze casting and hand model-making techniques to deliver a stunning collection that embodies the perfection and beauty that shines through in every single Saker Arts product.


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