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International work

3 Escargots is an American company comprised of husband-wife duo James and Natalie Stickland who create beautiful fused dichroic glassware pieces. They first came to us 8 years ago wanting to create a well designed but biologically correct casing for their aquatic and animal themed glass designs as an ongoing project. They wanted a quick turnaround and good communication due to the distance.

Our Solution

After we received each brief, we researched each animal as to get the design exactly right both biologically and stylistically. We then created the casting using CAD and rapid prototyping, which was then exported to America where they used local manufacturing to cast in pewter. After the initial design, 3 Escargots continued to use us for further products, creating an ongoing relationship. We have since created a whole host of aquatic designs together, each one a beautiful and unique product. The sea turtle piece we helped create was so striking and natural looking, the next step was 3 Escargots teaming up with a sea turtle rescue to sell as part of their conservation efforts.


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