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Independent Jewellers

The brief

Many medium-sized independent jewellers across the UK have the capability to make pieces in-house but don’t have CAD facilities or access to additive manufacture technologies. Additive manufacturing describes the technologies that build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material and is often used to create rapid prototypes.

Our solution

We work with a growing number of independent jewellers to provide them with CAD visualisation and rapid prototyping services. By outsourcing this work to us, our clients can focus on customer service and relationship building.

Because we offer complete confidentiality, clients can confidently share their customer coding and project information with us assured that their designs and client information are in safe hands.

The visualisation service enables jewellers to present professional and accurate design with their customers quickly. This saves time in the design stage and helps their success rate in securing commissions.

We then direct manufacture the wax for clients, either sending directly to them for casting or to their dedicated caster. We manage the whole process efficiently, allowing clients to spend more time on customer service and communication. The visuals we produce for our clients to show their customers are free with each CAD job, and occasionally we create high-resolution artwork from these CADs for promotional material.

If you are a jeweller interested in trialling this service, please get in touch. We offer all first-time customers a free wax on their first trial run.


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