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Historic with Cardiff Castle


Neil had a great idea and took the lead to make it a reality. He approached Cardiff Castle, one of the capital's most recognisable landmarks with a concept to create beautiful timepieces based on elements within the architecture of the castle itself.

Our Solution

Using elements of William Burges's interior design, we created a unique collection that celebrated Welsh cultural history, but also would not look out of place with a contemporary outfit.

We created designs based on the Victorian and Gothic interiors such as the ornate door knockers and the detailed motifs on the fireplace. We offered a full-service manufacturing package and using CAD we designed and developed a beautiful range that will stand the test of time. We also created the branding for the project and wanted to create something eye-catching whilst also fitting in on the gift shop shelves. Above all, the collection needed to feel authentic and historically viable. Cast in silver, the finished collection is stunning, and a true homage to Burges's work. The range is currently available to purchase from Cardiff Castle's gift shop. Neil is hoping to encapsulate the beauty of other Welsh landmarks and historical sites soon.


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