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Blush & Bashful

The brief

Blush & Bashful is an innovative jewellery brand founded by husband and wife team Colin and Karina Fargas. They came to us with a big idea — to bring a range of distinctive, interchangeable signet jewellery to the marketplace.

Colin and Karina had a vision for a range of designs combining clean modern lines with the intricate detailing of period jewellery, resulting in eye-catching pieces for everyday wear.

For their launch collection, they wanted eight striking signet designs to sit within a classic ring setting. The idea was that the signets would be interchangeable, allowing wearers to customise and update their look easily, with new designs to be released regularly. Our brief was to design and master a unique interchangeable ring design that was true to the pair’s vision for the brand.

Our solution

For Blush & Bashful, stylisation was the most important element of the brief. They brought us mood boards and a wide array of eclectic images. While passionate about their idea and the aesthetics of the final product, the team was open-minded and happy for us to take the reins of experimentation.

This project really put our expertise and knowledge of materials to the test; designing an interchangeable mechanism that could be produced at scale but offered durability and ease of use was a major technical challenge.

But at Adamas, we love a challenge. We believe that research and development is the best way of stretching our skills, learning new techniques and passing the benefits onto our customers. And so we set forth to explore ways of bringing the Blush & Bashful concept to life.

Having produced a working prototype, we asked Blush & Bashful to fully test the sample, ensuring the ring was really put through its paces. While they entered this testing phase, we concentrated on aesthetics, tweaking and making minor adjustments across the design to bring the product in line with the sleek look required. We had to bear in mind the ease of manufacturing, along with keeping costs competitive, throughout this process.

We used high-res scanning, CAD, photo-etching and precision lathing – all features of our end-to-end manufacturing service – to achieve the desired outcome for the client.

The Blush & Bashful team were kept informed every step of the way, from daily screenshots of designs as they evolved to target weights and unit cost.

The master sample was tested and adjustments made to its appearance, but the mechanism didn't falter once and we were able to progress to the sampling stage. This is where we produce a finished collection, fully boxed as it would appear on the shelf and ready to go into full-scale manufacture.

A typical timeline for this kind of project is anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the size and complexity of the collection. Through a truly collaborative approach, patience and a commitment to excellence, Blush & Bashful now has its interchangeable signet range in stores and online and has become the market leader in this unique style of fashion ring. From a big idea to the shop shelf, this was a project we revelled in bringing to life and we’re delighted to see the brand go from strength to strength.


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