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A Discovery of Witches Season 2

Delivering high-quality work within tight time constraints is where we excel. This is precisely why Bad Wolf Studios reached out to us to create pieces for the second season of Sky One's fantasy drama, A Discovery of Witches. We had previously used our expertise and experience to create significant and memorable props from the first season; the congregation keys and the goddess Diana statue. The keys were one of the most intriguing props within the series, playing a major role in the series storyline and featuring in many close-ups. If you would like to read more about the props we created for season one, Click Here.

Happy with the quality and attention to detail achieved on a short timescale, we were tasked with creating a variety of new unique props. Working alongside the art director, we created concept drawings of the various props, the first of which was a golden book cover. Then, using our specialist CAD software, we turned these concepts into 3D form. The book corners and cover featured intricate designs that required a high level of detail. The final master was cast in bronze using many years of experience as a silversmith. The prop was then painted a golden colour using model-making painting techniques. No detail was lost in creating the master due to the level of experience we possess at every stage of production.

We were also briefed to create a set of historically correct Elizabethan Hilliard-style portrait miniatures, which were shown as close-ups during scenes. As these were being filmed up close, the level of detail and finish needed to be excellent. The pendants were to house photographs of two key characters, Diana and Matthew. Designed and conceptualised using 3D specialist software, the pendants were then put through the casting process. Cast in brass, the pendants were then gold plated. Refined and finished at the bench, these were then polished to a perfect mirror shine.

The third project for Bad Wolf was to make a seal collection featuring a traditional stamp and a pendant. The pieces had to have a strong antique look to them, featuring inscriptions from the past. Designed and finalised using CAD software, the seal collection was printed in SLA plastic. These props were painted using specialist techniques to resemble ancient antique pieces. The final master was cast in bronze and hand-engraved using 20+ years of silversmith experience to ensure that no quality was lost. The result was perfect props with guaranteed durability and quality.

Tight timescales are a guarantee in this industry, but we pride ourselves on never missing a deadline. Our ability to deliver a multitude of props at high specifications has enabled us to receive many different exciting and promising opportunities. No prop is too big or too small of a task for us. It was a pleasure working with Bad Wolf Studios again, and we look forward to further projects together.


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