The Perfino case

The Perfino case


Natural scent jewellery that is beautiful, functional, and kind.


CEO Kim Brookes came to us early in 2019 with an ambitious plan to combine natural sents with a uniquely functional piece of jewellery. Everything was at the concept stage, but Kim had a vision and had worked incredibly hard to source and refine the natural oil production.

So the pressure was on for us to meet the challenge and create a unique piece of functional jewellery that would not only be practical to use but sit seamlessly with the overall brand philosophy.


The concept was for a lava bead to sit securely and be accessed/replaced easily, not to mention keeping the oil in, but how? This is where Adamas Studio excels, solving problems through conceptualising and prototyping, always with an eye on aesthetics. 

Through this process, we created the perfect solution for Perfino, working closely with Kim and adjusting the design until it was right. A piece of jewellery that met the practicalities and aesthetics but was also great to handle and easy to wear.


Once the master was hand made in our workshop, tested, and refined, we were ready to put in place recommendations for manufacturing. We have a great relationship with several manufacturers in the UK and oversea's. We oversee the whole process from master making and sampling to competitive MOQ pricing and import, quality control and delivery to your doorstep.

For us, each project has its own unique requirements, and so project management is key from concept to completion. Perfino is yet another shining example of this, and we wish them continued success and can't wait to get stuck into their next stage of development.